Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Phylum Subphylum Class Subclass Order Family Genus Species Anamorph
Ascomycota Pezizomycotina Dothideomycetes Pleosporomycetidae Pleosporales Sporormiaceae Sporormiella australis
Authority(Speg.) S.I. Ahmed & Cain

Septum / Pore Cap

Sporomiella_australis_1261_d07849f35304ab78872a7881d6671782695d2739 Septum in an immature hypha of Sporomiella australis.

Cell type: (AH) ascogenous hypha/ascus

Component: Ascogenous hypha/ascus, immature

Immature septal pore simple with single central pore 1 Images
Immature septal pore associated structures pore associated structures absent 0 Images
Immature septal pore occlusion toroid occlusion containing pulley-wheel-shaped occlusion 3 Images
Immature pore occlusion detailed structure torus lacking tubular cisternae 2 Images
Character Quality Good
Study Complete No
Author Blanchard, R.O.
Date 1972
Source Mycologia 64: 1330-1333
Synonym genus Sporomia
Synonym species australis
Synonym authority Speg.

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