Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Phylum Subphylum Class Subclass Order Family Genus Species Anamorph
Ascomycota Pezizomycotina Lichinomycetes Lichinomycetidae Lichinales Peltulaceae Peltula richardsii
Authority(Herre) Wetm.

Septum / Pore Cap

Cell type: (XN) mycelium of unknown nuclear status

Component: Hypha excluding ascogenous hypha/ascus

Uniperforate septa absent, walled off pore, or apparently walled off pore 0 Images
Uniperforate septal pore margin uniperforate septal pore absent 0  
Protruding non-membrane-bound bodies associated with septal pore(s) absent 0 Images
Membrane-bound bodies associated with septal pore(s) Woronin bodies 1 Images
Membranous structures associated with septal pore(s) absent 0 Images
Non-membrane-bound, electron-dense bodies associated with septal pore(s) absent 0 Images
Septal pore cap basic structure pore cap absent 0 Images
Detailed structure of elaborated septal pore cap elaborated cap absent 0 Images
Detailed structure of simple septal pore cap simple cap absent 0 Images
Saccules of elaborated pore cap lined with external electron-dense layer absent 0  
Substructure of pore cap absent 0  
Zone of organelle exclusion at pore absent 0 Images
Pore cap enclosed by endoplasmic reticulum absent 0 Images
Multiperforate septum simple pores in multiperforate septum with uniform pores not solely adjacent to hyphal wall 1 Images
Desmotubules in plasmodesmata absent 0 Images
Character Quality Good
Fixation gluteraldehyde and osmium postfix
Study Complete No
Author Wetmore, C.M.
Date 1973
Source New Phytol. 72:535-538
Source of character Thallus

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