Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Phylum Subphylum Class Subclass Order Family Genus Species Anamorph
Ascomycota Pezizomycotina Pezizomycetes Pezizomycetidae Pezizales Helvellaceae Helvella stevensii

Septum / Pore Cap

Helvella_stevensii_1244_490f0e368cc65a4d2fef44929616059936a6eceb Septum in an ascogenous hypha of Helvella stevensii.

Cell type: (AH) ascogenous hypha/ascus

Component: Ascogenous hypha/ascus, mature

Mature septal pore simple with single central pore 1 Images
Mature septal pore associated structures pore associated structures absent 0 Images
Mature septal pore occlusion occlusion a convex or biconvex band or more complex hemisphere 3 Images
Mature pore occlusion detailed structure cone to dumbell-shaped with V-shaped striations and usually an electron-light torus 5 Images
Character Quality Good
Fixation formaldehyde and gluteraldehyde or glutaraldehyde with osmium postfix
Study Complete Yes
Author Kimbrough, J.W. and Gibson, J.L.
Date 1989
Source Mycologia 81: 914-920
Herbarium FLAS
Herbarium Number F53629
Collector B. Pinette
Collector date 1983-08-12
Source of character Sporocarp

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