Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Phylum Subphylum Class Subclass Order Family Genus Species Anamorph
Zoopagomycota Kickxellomycotina Kickxellales Kickxellaceae Coemansia reversa
AuthorityTiegh. & G. Le Monn.

Nuclear Division

Cell type: (MI) mitosis

Component: Nuc Div / SPB

Centriole absent 0  
Basic organization of the spindle pole ring-like spindle pole body 2 Images
Spindle pole body form, interphase-prophase ring containing microtubules with centriolar 9-fold symmetry d  
Spindle pole body form, metaphase-anaphase ring containing microtubules with centriolar 9-fold symmetry g  
Spindle development site intranuclear (nuclear envelope intact) 2 Images
Spindle pole body migration (per Heath, 1980, Int. Rev. Cytol. 64:1) migration during spindle formation 1 Images
Metaphase nuclear envelope intact 0 Images
Perinuclear endoplasmic reticulum absent 0  
Spindle vesicles absent 0  
Metaphase plate absent 0 Images
Spindle pole body cap absent 0 Images
Character Quality High
Fixation gluteraldehyde plus acrolein with osmium postfix; freeze substituted
Study Complete No
Author McLaughlin, D.J., R.A. Healy, G.J. Celio, R.W. Roberson, and T.K.A. Kumar
Date 2015
Source Amer. J. Bot. 102: 707-717
Culture collection NRRL, ATCC
Culture no. AFTOL 1401, NRRL 1564, ATTC 12441
Source of character Culture

Apical organization

Cell type: (MH) Mature hyphae

Component: Apical organization

Spitzenkörper (SPK) absent 0  
Vesicles concentrated in thin layer beneath apical plasma membrane and/or loosely organized throughout apical dome present 1  
Ribosome cluster distal to SPK or vesicle accumulation in apical dome absent or not observed 0  
Macrovesicles with uniformly dense lumen present, 70–120 nm diam. 1  
Microvesicles (25–45 nm diam.) with uniformly dense lumen absent 0  
Macrovesicles (90–250 nm diam.) with an electron dense core, and less dense periphery absent 0  
Microvesicles with an electron dense core, and less dense periphery (30-65 nm diam.) absent 0  
Filasomes (protein-coated microvesicles; 30–40 nm diam.) present but uncommon 1  
Sub-apical cluster of putative lipid globules absent 0  
Character Quality Good
Fixation cryofixation/freeze substitution osmium and uranyl acetate, live cell light microscopy imaging
Study Complete Yes
Author Fisher and Robinson
Date 2016
Source Mycologia 105: 1087-1099
Culture collection NRRL
Culture no. 1564
Source of character Hyphae

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