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Phylum Subphylum Class Subclass Order Family Genus Species Anamorph
incertaesedis incertaesedis incertaesedis incertaesedis Amoeboradix gromovi
AuthorityKarpov, Lopez-Garcia, Mamkaeva & Moreira

Motile Cell

Cell type: (ZO) zoospore

Component: Motile Cell

Number of flagella one 1 Images
Electron-opaque plug in axoneme core and between axoneme and flagellar membrane absent 0 Images
Flagellum coating absent 0 Images
Electron-opaque core in kinetosome absent 0 Images
Scalloped ring within kinetosome, extensions of the A, B, or C microtubule absent 0 Images
Kinetosome support absent 0 Images
Kinetosome-associated plates absent 0  
Kinetosome-associated saddle absent 0  
Kinetosome-associated shield absent 0  
Kinetosome-associated spur absent 0  
Kinetosome-associated striated disc absent 0  
Primary microtubule root absent 0 Images
Primary microtubule root absolute configuration absent 0  
Striated rhizoplast between kinetosome and nucleus absent 0  
Non-flagellated centriole parallel to kinetosome 1 Images
Length of non-flagellated centriole (NfC) compared to length of kinetosome (K) NfC < K (Chytridiomycota: Monoblepharidomycetes; Chytridiomycetes: Rhizophydiales- Kappamyces; Chytridiales) 0 Images
Kinetosome-non-flagellated centriole fibrillar bridge absent 0 Images
Non-flagellated centriole-associated veil absent 0  
Paracrystalline inclusion absent 0  
Ribosomal organization scattered ribosomes (Chytridiomycota: Chytridiomycetes: Spizellomycetales; Rhizophlyctidales- Rhizophlyctis rosea, Sonoraphlyctis ranzonii; incertae sedis: Synchytrium macrosporum, Caulochytrium protostelioides) 0 Images
Mitochondrion multiple 2 Images
Cisterna absent 0 Images
Paraxonemal structure absent 0 Images
Water expulsion vacoule absent (Chytridiomycota: Chytridiomycetes- Chytridiales) 0  
Golgi apparatus morphology absence of stacked cisternae (Blastocladiomycota) 1 Images
Golgi apparatus location absent 0  
Relationship of microbodies to lipid(s) or nucleus microbody associated with a single lipid (Chytridiomycota: Chytridiomycetes- Chytridiales, Cladochytriales, Lobulomycetales, Rhizophydiales) 0 Images
Location of cisterna relative to lipid(s) absent (Chytridiomycota: Chytridiomycetes: Rhizophydiales- Batrachochytrium; Polychytrium clade- Lacustromyces hiemalis) 3 Images
Location of mitochondria scattered in cytoplasm 2 Images
Nuclear heel absent 0 Images
Nucleus location distal to kinetosome 0 Images
Posterior dome composed of peripheral granules and array of megatubules absent 0  
Character Quality Good
Study Complete Yes
Author Karpov SA, López-García P, Mamkaeva MA, Klimov VI, Vishnyakov AE, Tcvetkova VS, Moreira D.
Date 2018
Source Protist 169: 122-140.
Herbarium CALU
Herbarium Number x-44
Collector M. Mamkaeva
Substrate Tribonema

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