Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Motile Cell - Illustrated

Location code / cell type
  • ZO, zoospore
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1. Number of flagella
2. Electron-opaque plug in axoneme core and between axoneme and flagellar membrane
3. Flagellum coating
4. Electron-opaque core in kinetosome
5. Scalloped ring within kinetosome, extensions of the A, B, or C microtubule
6. Kinetosome support
7. Kinetosome-associated plates
8. Kinetosome-associated saddle
9. Kinetosome-associated shield
10. Kinetosome-associated spur
0, absent

1, present

11. Kinetosome-associated striated disc
12. Primary microtubule root
13. Primary microtubule root absolute configuration
14. Striated rhizoplast between kinetosome and nucleus
15. Non-flagellated centriole
16. Length of non-flagellated centriole (NfC) compared to length of kinetosome (K)
17. Kinetosome-non-flagellated centriole fibrillar bridge
18. Non-flagellated centriole-associated veil
19. Paracrystalline inclusion
20. Ribosomal organization
21. Mitochondrion
22. Cisterna
23. Paraxonemal structure
24. Water expulsion vacoule
25. Golgi apparatus morphology
26. Golgi apparatus location
27. Relationship of microbodies to lipid(s) or nucleus
28. Location of cisterna relative to lipid(s)
29. Location of mitochondria
30. Nuclear heel
31. Nucleus location
32. Posterior dome composed of peripheral granules and array of megatubules

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