Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

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Apical organization - Illustrated

Location code / cell type
  • GT, Germ tube
  • MH, Mature hyphae
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1. Spitzenkörper (SPK)
2. Vesicles concentrated in thin layer beneath apical plasma membrane and/or loosely organized throughout apical dome
3. SPK function
4. SPK structure (light microscopy)
5. SPK detailed structure (electron microscopy)
1, central core absent

2, central core enriched with microvesicles

3, central core with few or no microvesicles

0, SPK absent

6. Ribosome cluster distal to SPK or vesicle accumulation in apical dome
7. Macrovesicles with uniformly dense lumen
8. Microvesicles (25–45 nm diam.) with uniformly dense lumen
9. Macrovesicles (90–250 nm diam.) with an electron dense core, and less dense periphery
10. Microvesicles with an electron dense core, and less dense periphery (30-65 nm diam.)
11. Filasomes (protein-coated microvesicles; 30–40 nm diam.)
12. Sub-apical cluster of putative lipid globules

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