Assembling the Fungal Tree of Life

Content Copyright Information

We thank all who contributed data and images to the database and the publishers who granted blanket copyright permission without fee to use figures from research papers published in their journals. Publishers of the journals, Canadian Journal of Botany (currently Botany) and Mycological Research (currently Fungal Biology) did not grant copyright permission to use figures from articles published in their journals and requested a fee. Elsevier, the publisher of Mycological Research (Fungal Biology) gave permission to use figures from one article (co-authored by AFTOL curators who requested permission) but denied permission to use figures without charge from other articles. We strongly encourage authors who wish their data to be made available to the scientific community to choose journals with appropriate scientific policies on reuse of images or retain copyright to their images. Easy access to publications only encourages additional citations of the work.


Administrator and Curator

Dr. T. K. Arun Kumar
The Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College, India

Specialist Curators

Prof. David J. McLaughlin
University of Minnesota, USA

Prof. Meredith Blackwell
Louisiana State University, USA

Dr. Peter M. Letcher
University of Alabama, USA

Prof. Robert W. Roberson
Arizona State University, USA

Associated specialists

Dr. Gail J. Celio
University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Rosanne Healy
University of Minnesota, USA

Dr. Mahajabeen Padamsee
LandCare Research, New Zealand

Software Development

Trevor Wennblom
University of Minnesota, USA


We thank the following contributors who have been instrumental in developing the initial version of the database: Gail J. Celio, Mahajabeen Padamsee and Bryn T.M. Dentinger. We also thank Justin Coyne and David Johnson for programming and Kevin A.T. Silverstein for assistance with the database model. Brianna Julius has assisted with the latest version of the database.

Lab protocols

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